Express Facial – $45

For people on the go. Includes cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, moisturizer.

Deep Cleaning Facial/Men’s Rejuvenating Facial – $60

Beginning with a gentle steaming, this soothing facial is followed by a deep cleansing and application of hot towels. A relaxing neck and shoulder massage accompanies the facial.

European Facial – $75

A specialized skin care treatment with deep cleansing, mild exfoliation and use of an ampoule; containing a special combination of herbs, extracts and active substances from nature, followed by a relaxing massage.

Collagen Facial – $90

An excellent idea for any special occasion when you want your skin to look its best! You will enjoy a fresh look with your skin feeling plump and hydrated.

Turn Back the Time Facial – $190

Slow down the signs of aging with our advanced Retinol Treatment, Eye& Lip rejuvenator and LED Light Therapy, leaving your skin rejuvenated and glowing with lasting results.

Organic Enzyme Facial – $80

What better treatment for your face than a natural exfoliant.  The Organic Enzyme Facial penetrates and exfoliates deeply into the top layers of the skin to give an effective improvement to your skin, leaving it with a healthy glow.

The Extra Performance Facial – $130

The Ultimate luxury innovated facial.  Using the purest ingredients that will give your skin lasting results.


Intensive Glycolic Wrinkle Reducer – $50  Powerful epidermal resurfacing formula provides immediate soothing, firming and brightening without the irritation characteristics of aggressive exfoliation.

LED Light therapy -$50-A red light therapy to rejuvenate and help improve the signs of aging & inflammation.

Enzymatic Peel -$50- A mild peel that brightens, lightens & tightens the skin.  Leaves you with glowing skin.

Retinol Treatment -$55- Helps with age spots and improving the appearance of sun damaged skin.

Eye & Lip rejuvenator -$25- Helps reduce dark circles and eye puffiness.

Chemical Peel – $150-$250  %15 off series of 6 –  Most advanced anti-aging treatments that speeds the process towards healthy, glowing skin. Very effective for acne, pigments, scarring, wrinkles and brightening the skin.

Micro Dermabrasion – 1 treatment: $100 – A safe, effective and gentle way to treat fine lines, wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, age spots and acne leaving your skin clear and glowing.